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What are the key differences between a Liaison Office and a Branch?

Unlike Liaison Offices, Branches can conduct business deals and engage in commercial activities. Branches need to be registered in the Trade Registry as other capital companies do. Liaison Offices are limited in their permit duration whereas no such limitation exists for Branches. Quotations, agreements, and similar documents must be signed by the company that founded the liaison office. In other words, liaison offices can support the processes for quotations, agreements, distributors, and customers only in the communication area. The liaison office authority cannot sign commercial quotations and agreements while branches are not restricted in such actions.

How long does it take to establish a Liaison Office or a Branch?
Is it possible for a Liaison Office to solicit goods and services?
Is it possible to employ foreign employees in a Branch or in a Liaison Office?
Are Liaison Offices required to keep financial and legal books? Are they subject to Trade Registry?
Do liaison offices need to receive accounting services?
I see that in the permitted activity code list, the life span of most commercial activities is listed as 5 years. Based on this, is it possible to get the initial permit for 5 years as well?
During the extension process, can the documents be signed by the Liaison Office representative?
What kind of financial documents need to be submitted during the extension process?
Do Liaison Offices have to pay VAT?
Do Liaison Offices have to pay stamp tax on contracts they conclude in Türkiye?
What about taxes on payroll? Are Liaison Office employee salaries subject to tax?
What about social security premiums and contributions?
As per regulation, all funds for Liaison Office operations and expenses should be transferred from abroad. What about local expenses? Do Liaison Offices need to have a bank account in Türkiye?

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